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Product information
Version Difference
This program is designed to provide you with peace of mind and extended support for your Speediance fitness equipment. Please read the following details carefully to understand the eligibility and terms of this new service:
🕑 Eligible for Machines Purchased Within the Last Two Years
  • Devices beyond the two-year warranty period are not eligible. Check your warranty expiration date to ensure it meets the requirements, as extended care cannot be activated otherwise.
🆔 Order Number Required
  • After purchasing, enter your order number on the machine to activate the extended care. Be sure to save your order number information.
Effective Seven Days After Purchase  
  • Speediance Extended Care becomes active and can be bound to the device seven days after purchase. If you encounter binding issues after seven days, please contact Speediance After-Sales.
🔒 Limited to One Extended Care Per Device
  • Each device can only be bound to one extended care service. Do not make repeated purchases.
No Cancellations or Refunds
  • Once the device is activated and bound successfully, cancellations and refunds are not allowed. Please proceed carefully.
🗽Currently Available Only Within the United States 
  • Devices outside the U.S. are not eligible for Speediance Extended Care purchase.
💳 Purchase on Our Website
  • Speediance Extended Care is a paid service and can be purchased on our official website.

    Please confirm that you have fully read and understood the terms of the Speediance Extended Warranty Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement") before purchasing the Speediance Extended Warranty Service. Your purchase or redemption of this service will be deemed as your acceptance and acknowledgment of this Agreement. If you do not agree to any terms or content within the extended care plan agreement, please do not purchase the Speediance Extended Warranty Service.

    The Speediance Extended Care Plan provides an additional year of quality warranty service on top of the original warranty period for your product. This service is only applicable to products sold officially by Speediance and meeting the conditions for extended care plan. Before you plan to purchase the Speediance Extended Warranty Service, please carefully review the contents of this clause to understand the benefits you can enjoy through purchasing this service. The Speediance Extended Warranty Service is provided by  Speediance Life Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Speediance") and repair services are handled by Speediance official after-sales service center or its designated after-sales service agencies.

    Extended Warranty Coverage

    1. Scope

    Based on the Speediance extended warranty service (hereinafter referred to as the "extended warranty") bound to you, the types and service object of Speediance extended warranty are as shown in the table below:

     Speediance Extended Warranty  Service Object
    Gym Monster Extended Care Speediance Gym Monster
    Gym Pal Extended Care Speediance Gym Pal


    *Non-Speediance official products are not eligible for Speediance extended warranty service.*Official Product: Refers to products purchased from Speediance official channels or authorized agent channels.

    2. Duration

    12 months. The Extended Wrranty Service shall take effect from 00:00 on the day following the expiration of the official warranty period and shall naturally terminate at 24:00 on the day following the expiration of the extended warranty period.

    3. Service Frequency

    If your extended warranty meets the applicable service conditions under this clause, Speediance will provide you with unlimited services within the service period.

    4. Place of Service

    To save on your maintenance costs, Speediance will fulfill the extended warranty service based on the location of purchase. The purchase location will be determined by the region you select when placing your order on the Speediance official online store. If you need to change the shipping address for the extended warranty due to special circumstances, please contact Speediance customer service before shipment to confirm and arrange it in advance to avoid any potential difference in shipping costs. If you fail to contact and confirm the address change in advance, and the actual shipping address differs from the purchase address, you will be responsible for any resulting difference in shipping costs.

    5. Applicable Situation

    Your extended care plan covers faults in the service objects that occur due to non-human-induced damage during the normal usage within the service period, which complies with the terms of this clause.

    6. Service Offerings

    After undergoing after-sales testing by Speediance and meeting the applicable service conditions for extended care plan, Speediance will provide you with unlimited free repair services. The items covered by the free repair service for extended care plan include:

    • Material costs incurred during the repair process;
    • Logistics costs incurred for providing or returning goods during the repair process;
    • Testing fees incurred during the repair process.

    The extended warranty service product does not include on-site repair services. If you require on-site repair services, you will be responsible for any related expenses incurred (including but not limited to labor costs, transportation costs, etc.)

    7. Commitment

    The Speediance extended warranty service guarantees that the product repaired under it may be able to function normally according to its design, and comply with Speediance's repair quality standards.

    Extended Warranty Service Notes

    Please read the following instructions carefully to better enjoy Speediance extended warranty service products.

    1. Extended warranty service products can only be bound to designated objects, and relevant services can only be used after the extended care has been successfully activated.

    2.When purchasing extended warranty service products, you have the option to:

    • Purchase it together with the machine. After receiving your shipment, you can operate the binding and activate the extended warranty service product on the machine.
    • Purchase it separately within 24 months after the machine activation. When purchasing separately, you need to verify whether the activation time meets the purchase time limit. Otherwise, you will not be able to activate the extended warranty service product .

    3. The following situations prevent the purchase or activation of extended warranty services:

    •  If the verification result of the serial number you provided shows that the product activation time has exceeded 24 months.
    • If the judgment result of the serial number you provided indicates that the product was purchased from unofficial channels or cannot be matched with an order, you will not be able to enjoy the extended warranty service.
    • If the serial number you provided is not bound to the extended warranty service number, or if it does not match the information of the bound extended warranty service, you will not be able to enjoy the extended warranty service.
    • In the event of any other circumstances not officially recognized or stipulated, Speediance reserves the right to refuse the purchase or activation request of extended warranty services.

    4. The applicable situations for extended warranty services do not include damages caused by issues unrelated to product quality such as:

    • Any consumables or accessories damaged other than hardware damage caused during the use of extended warranty service products;
    • Disassembly, repair, modification, etc., of extended warranty service products without the permission of Speediance, as well as damage to the product caused by installation, use, and operation not in accordance with the instructions; malfunctions or damage caused by improper operation, intentional damage, or negligence by the user;
    • Damage caused by computer viruses, other malicious code, or similar instructions that disrupt the normal functioning of extended warranty service products or cause damage or failure of data and programs therein;
    • Loss and damage of data, programs, and software required for the basic functions of non-extended warranty service products;
    • Damage caused by natural wear and tear, corrosion, deterioration, etc.;
    • Consumable parts, such as components that degrade over time, like protective films;
    • Cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents, and damage to port plastics;
    • Malfunctions or damage caused by accidental factors or human actions (including immersion in water, cracking due to impact, falling damage, burnt circuit boards, and functional device failure, etc.);
    • Loss, theft, or robbery of all or part of the components of extended warranty service products;
    • Direct or indirect losses caused by force majeure, including but not limited to war, civil war, riots, revolutions, military coups, terrorism, nuclear radiation, nuclear explosions, and other nuclear risks, typhoons, floods, blizzards, tornadoes, storms, tsunamis, ground collapses, cliff collapses, avalanches, hail, mudslides, landslides, or sandstorms, etc.

    5. Speediance is not liable for the following losses or expenses:

    • Any repair requests that fall outside the scope of Speediance's warranty service period;
    • Any losses, expenses, or liabilities not covered in the Speediance warranty service agreement;
    • Additional expenses incurred due to the enhancement or improvement of machine standards and performance;
    • Speediance bears no responsibility for any direct or indirect personal injury and/or property damage and/or any economic losses incurred by you or others due to the use of this product, unless it can be proven that such injury or loss was caused by intentional or gross negligence on the part of Speediance;
    • Any losses or malfunctions resulting from repairs or usage conducted at repair facilities not designated or authorized by Speediance.

    Extended Warranty Service Process

    1. When you request after-sales service, you may submit a Speediance extended warranty service application to the after-sales department. Please ensure that you provide accurate and complete personal information so that we can promptly process your application.
    2. You understand and agree that for after-sales repairs, necessary documents must be provided, including the purchase invoice, extended warranty service number, and other relevant documents. For special models or cases, please provide additional relevant documents as requested by Speediance.
    3. Once your extended warranty service application is approved, you may follow Speediance's after-sales guidelines to repair the damaged extended warranty product.
    4. Speediance will conduct a re-inspection of the extended warranty product and take the following actions based on the specific circumstances:
    • For products that do not fall within the scope of the extended warranty service guarantee, we will provide you with a quotation for paid repairs and send relevant pricing information.
    • For products that fall within the scope of the extended warranty service guarantee, we will provide you with free repairs. You agree that the original components or products replaced or exchanged after repair belong to Speediance.

    Changes/Termination of Extended Warranty Service

    1. Once the Speediance extended warranty service is bound, it becomes effective immediately and cannot be transferred to a third party.
    2. If the product bound with extended warranty service is returned within 7 days after receipt or exchanged within 15 days, the extended warranty service can also be processed for return or re-bound with the exchanged product. However, this does not apply if the product bound with extended warranty service was purchased from unofficial channels, or if the extended warranty service has been used within 7 days after being bound to the purchased product.
    3. Each extended warranty service product can only be bound once. If a change of serial number occurs due to an exchange or repair outside the scope of the extended warranty service, the serial number bound to the extended warranty service can be replaced, and the validity period of the extended warranty service will be correspondingly extended.
    4. Upon the expiration of the extended warranty service period as stipulated in this clause, or when Speediance has provided you with services as stipulated herein and has completed them, the extended warranty service shall terminate.
    5. Speediance reserves the right to revise or update these terms as necessary. The revised or updated terms will be announced through the Speediance official website or other appropriate means. By continuing to use Speediance extended warranty services, you are deemed to have accepted and agreed to the revised or updated terms.
    6. This service agreement will automatically terminate upon the expiration of the extended warranty service period or by mutual agreement between both parties.

    Extended Warranty Service Information Security

    Speediance will make every effort to ensure the security of consumers' online shopping information and personal information. Please understand and agree that, in order to fulfill Speediance extended warranty services, Speediance may need you to provide necessary information (including your name, phone number, email address, address, product serial numbers, purchase receipts, extended warranty service numbers, etc.) for verifying the applicability of Speediance's extended warranty services. Speediance will only use the information you provide for the aforementioned purposes, and will delete or anonymize the relevant personal information (if any) after the relevant purposes are achieved.

    Law Enforcement and Dispute Resolution

    This clause is governed by the laws of the country where Speediance extended warranty services are purchased and shall be interpreted accordingly. Despite the above provisions, you are still protected by the applicable laws of the country/region where you reside. Any content in this agreement (including this provision) shall not affect your rights as a consumer under the mandatory provisions of local laws (if applicable), including but not limited to your right to rely on mandatory provisions in local laws (such as the right to apply the laws of your country/region, the right to apply to relevant consumer protection agencies or courts in your country/region for dispute resolution, etc.).

    The signing, performance, and interpretation of this clause are governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. In the event of a dispute between the parties in the implementation of this clause, they shall first attempt to resolve it through friendly negotiations. If negotiations fail, either party has the right to file a lawsuit in the People's Court where Speediance is located.


    If you have any questions regarding these terms, you can send an email to for inquiries.

    Pick your Gym Monster version now

    Explore different Gym Monster versions and configurations to elevate your workouts!

    GYM MONSTER x1 (screen 21.5 inches)

    • Bluetooth Ring x1
    • Handles x1
    • Tricep Rope x1
    • Ankle Straps x1
    • Yoga Mat x1
    • Adjustable Barbell x1
    • Barbell Pad x1
    • Flat Bench x1

    GYM MONSTER x1 (screen 21.5 inches)

    • Bluetooth Ring x1
    • Handles x1
    • Tricep Rope x1
    • Ankle Straps x1
    • Yoga Mat xl
    • Adjustable Barbell x1
    • Barbell Pad x1
    • Adjustable Bench x1

    GYM MONSTER x1(screen 21.5 inches)

    • Bluetooth Ring x1
    • Handles x1
    • Tricep Rope x1
    • Ankle Straps x1
    • Yoga Mat xl
    • Adjustable Barbell x1
    • Barbell Pad x1
    • Flat Bench x1
    • Rowing Bench x1

    GYM MONSTER x1 (screen 21.5 inches)

    • Bluetooth Ring x1
    • Handles x1
    • Tricep Rope x1
    • Ankle Straps x1
    • Yoga Mat xl
    • Adjustable Barbell x1
    • Barbell Pad x1
    • Rowing Bench x1
    • Adjustable Bench x1

    GYM MONSTER x1 (screen 32 inches)

    • Bluetooth Ring x1
    • Handles x1
    • Tricep Rope x1
    • Ankle Straps x1
    • Yoga Mat x1
    • Adjustable Barbell x1
    • Barbell Pad x1
    • Adjustable Bench x1

    GYM MONSTER x1 (screen 32 inches)

    • Bluetooth Ring x1
    • Handles x1
    • Tricep Rope x1
    • Ankle Straps x1
    • Yoga Mat xl
    • Adjustable Barbell x1
    • Barbell Pad x1
    • Rowing Bench x1 Adjustable
    • Bench x1

    Introducing the Gym Monster

    Product details

    Weight & Spacing
    Product Weight 187 lbs (85.00 kg)

    Dimensions (Unfold)


    49.21 x 27.95 x 72.83 inches

    (1.25 x 0.71x 1.85 m)

    Dimensions (Fold)


    13.77 x 27.95 x 72.83 inches

    (0.35 x 0.71x 1.85 m)

    Space Coverage (Unfold) About 0.9m² (0.89m²)
    Space Coverage (Fold) About 0.3m² (0.28m²)
    LCD Specification

    21.5/32-inch 1080P HD touch screen

    Resolution 1080*1920

    Motor parameters 800W PMSM permanent magnet synchronous motor*2
    Digital Weight Maximum Single arm 110 LB
    Digital Weight Precision 7 LB
    Audio Hi-Fi digital audio stereo 2*10w
    Wireless Wifi 2.4G Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology
    Storage Capacity 16G; running memory 2G
    Speediance App
    Supported operating system iOS/Anroid

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No needed answer here? You can check out our full FAQs for more information.

    What is the maximum load capacity of the machine, and does it use an electric engine?

    The machine uses an electric engine with 2 motors and allows you to increase the weight in increments of 1 lb or 0.5 kg, up to a maximum load capacity of 220 lbs/100kgs.

    What are the different height options for the pulley mechanism?

    The pulley mechanism of the Gym Monster can be adjusted to 10 different heights, including 306mm, 456mm, 606mm, 756mm, 906mm, 1056mm, 1206mm, 1356mm, 1506mm, and 1656mm.

    What exercises can I perform using this machine?

    With various attachments such as a barbell, smart handles, tricep rope, ankle straps, ski handles, and a rowing bench, you can perform a wide range of exercises that typically require a trip to the gym using this machine. Some examples include classic squats, bench presses, deadlifts, chest flies, lat pulldowns, rowing, skiing, and many more, which can provide you with a truly immersive gym experience.

    Gym Monster require a subscription or additional costs?

    What are some of the features that members can take advantage of?

    • As a member, you'll have access to a wide range of features, including a movement library, customizable workout programs, personalized training plans, strength assessments, AI-powered recommendations, and much more. You’ll also receive our latest updates and features.

    How do I activate the free lifetime membership on this machine?

    • If you've already purchased your machine, you have a free lifetime membership, and there's no need for any additional steps. We’ve granted your machine access to all the benefits using a unique SN code.

    What is the cost of membership, and what features are available for non-members?

    • If you purchase the machine now, you will receive a free lifetime membership. In the future, we plan to charge a membership fee of $29.90 per month.
    • Non-members can still enjoy features, including free workouts and programs, four dynamic weight modes, customizable templates, and much more.
    What about the delivery?

    How soon will I receive my machine after making my purchase?

    • Typically, customers in the US can expect to receive their order within 7-10 days.

    How will the machine be delivered to my home?

    • Due to the size of the machine, it will be shipped to your location in the U.S. via truck. The delivery truck driver will contact you by phone to schedule a specific delivery time that works for you. Please be aware that the specific truck company may vary depending on your location, so we cannot provide you with their contact information ahead of time. Please exercise caution when receiving phone calls or emails from unfamiliar numbers or addresses after placing your order.

    Where is your warehouse located?

    • We have established three warehouses in the eastern and western regions of the United States( in New Jersey and Los Angeles), and also in the middle of US( in Houston )and we will select the shipping warehouse based on your address to ensure the quickest and most efficient delivery.