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Received my Gym Monster a week ago and have worked out every day since. Happy to be a part of the community, love the thing so far!

Hello Speediance community!
So excited to share our initial #speediancesetup and experience since we received our machine this past Wednesday.
The machine itself is very sturdy and honestly looks way better in person vs images/videos. Living in a condo we truly appreciate that it’s equipped with wheels, easy to maneuver around with ability to fold.

Prior to this we had a small set up (which looked sooo bulky) of barbell, dumbbells and a set of weights. This is such a nice upgrade!

Overall, the set up was easy and quick. It’s pretty much good to go as you receive it

So far I am truly obsessed with it! Already did my assessment, tested free lift, set up and tried out personal templates (my favorite feature so far!). Looking forward to my workouts everyday!

Happy Monday Speediance Team! Crush your goals this week!

that I’ve been using my Speediance since last summer I couldn’t be happier with my choice.
My favorite part about this company is that they offer prizes for completing workout goals. And today I just completed my first workout goal with the program. And let me tell you I did this with a broken rib and a cold bug! But I wasn’t letting that stop me.
Speediance is a great company with greet customer support. If you’re thinking about getting a home gym, this is it!

Father/son workout! Our kids see us! Keep setting that bar of hard work, discipline, and leading them to be fit!
This machine is absolutely amazing. Easy transition of different workouts, no racking or reracking weights, and my son is more interested in working out with dad

I LOVE the Speediance. It really built out our home gym. I’m an early riser / working mom and love the flexibility of working out at home before the kids get up.

It's been a little over year since I started on a personal journey to make my myself, my health, and wellbeing a priority again. I wouldn't be here without the love and support of my amazing family. Losing over 100lbs is just the beginning. @speediance.official has been an integral part of this transformation. There simply isn't anything else that checked all the boxes for me and what I needed in a compact, moveable, and affordable home gym solution. I love the free membership too!

I signed up for a bodybuilding show on January 1st… when I told a friend and he saw my Gym Monster he told me I’d never get in good enough shape using only it…
Well, at 61 years old, using ONLY my Gym Monster - I won both my classes at the LA Grand Prix - open bodybuilding and classic physique masters 60+ classes!!!
This tool is amazing and the flexibility and efficiency of using was a major factor in grabbing the gold!!!
Keep up the great work and look forward to updates in the future.


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