The Mighty Compact Home Gym

The Mighty Compact Home Gym

The sleek and versatile platform can transform any room in your home into a personal gym! With its compact size and powerful dual motors, this home gym packs a punch for full-body workout sessions.

All-in-One Smart Home Gym

All-in-One Smart Home Gym

Speediance is revolutionizing the way you work out by delivering all the benefits of the gym straight to your home. Our state-of-the-art machine combines cardio and strength training so you can achieve a full-body workout without leaving your living room.

Whether You're A Beginner or A Seasoned Pro

Just Like The Pros.

Level up your training with four dynamic weight modes,

Find Your Limit.

Then Go Beyond.

Find Your Limit.

Then Go Beyond.

Cutting-edge strength assessment technology from Speediance provides accurate recommendations for warm-up routines, training programs, and optimal weight levels for all major muscle groups—including shoulders, chest, back, glutes, and legs.

"A surprisingly mobile smart gym to replace your old fitness gear."


"The best thing about smart gyms like Speediance is that odds are, they offer a workout tailored to your specific needs. "


"Is the Speediance worth it? Overall, I highly recommend the unit to anyone who wants a compact, user-friendly smart home gym."


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    I know, I know.. Another smart gym review!? 😏 Many of you have asked for a Speediance review and we delivered! After using it for over a year, Coop has some thoughts on this one! Speediance can be looked at as a budget alternative to Tonal, and there are certainly reasons to consider Speediance over Tonal other than price, BUT should YOU buy it? 🔗Full review on YouTube (linked in bio). 👉Follow for more home gym content👈 __ #garagegymreviews #garagegym #homegym #smartgym
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    Self-Love is where it starts. If you don’t put yourself first, you’re putting your other priorities at a high risk. It starts within, we can’t give anything we don’t receive.. love you 🫵🏾, & the rest will play it’s part naturally ❤️💫 Some days can be longer than others.. always have an option to eliminate excuses.. get you some sort of equipment or a nice set up at your house to work out with when you are able to. A drive to & from the gym can take up time for your busy days I know.. but the actual workout is only 30 minutes to an hour fam.. let’s beat the odds & get it done by any means @speediancehomegym thanks for the set up 🫱🏾‍🫲🏼 my go to on the busy days 🙌🏾. No Excuses! Online Training: 1-on-1 personalized coaching, let’s get you results you’ve never dreamed of having fam 👊🏾
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    🤩La révolution du home-gym ! . 😉En tant que kinésithérapeute, mes problématiques étaient de trouver un appareil polyvalents me permettant d’assurer le renforcement musculaire de mes patients, y compris avec des charges lourdes. Le tout en un minimum de place. . 🥹Après des mois de recherche j’ai trouvé @speediancehomegym qui sort tout juste des kickstarters. . 😄J’ai cette machine depuis 4 mois et j’en suis fan. . 😄Je t’ai dégoté un partenariat pour te permettre d’obtenir 200$ de réduction sur l’achat de ta machine. . 😁Tu as des questions, viens vite en commentaire ! Je te ferai aussi plein d’autres vidéos pour te montrer les possibilités de cette machine. . 😍Ensemble pour la révolution de la rééducation en petit espace. . 😘Bises d’ostéo . #kinesitherapie #renforcementmusculaire #musculation #homegym #workout #physiotherapy #reeducation #rehab #revolution
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    If you are looking for an all-in-one home gym with awesome programs for all sorts of your fitness needs look no further than The Speedance Gym Monster @speediancehomegym @usaspeediance #speediance #speediancehomegym Though it is a new company and still working out some kinks, they are constantly working on improvements.
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Founded in 2020, Speediance is a high-tech startup that manufactures intelligent fitness products to revolutionize the way you train at home. Speediance’s cutting-edge technology provides you with an array of science-backed content designed to help you achieve your personal training goals efficiently, while also having fun.

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Take It to the Next Level With the Speediance App

Take It to the Next Level With the Speediance App

Explore hundreds of movements and workouts, set fitness goals, schedule classes, and track your training metrics all in one place. With seamless Apple Watch sync and heart rate monitoring, you can stay connected to your fitness journey wherever you go.