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Level up your training with four dynamic weight modes

Find Your Limit.

Then Go Beyond.

Find Your Limit.

Then Go Beyond.

Cutting-edge strength assessment technology from Speediance provides accurate recommendations for warm-up routines, training programs, and optimal weight levels for all major muscle groups—including shoulders, chest, back, glutes, and legs.

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"A surprisingly mobile smart gym to replace your old fitness gear."


"The best thing about smart gyms like Speediance is that odds are, they offer a workout tailored to your specific needs. "


"Is the Speediance worth it? Overall, I highly recommend the unit to anyone who wants a compact, user-friendly smart home gym."


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About Us

Founded in 2020, Speediance is a high-tech startup that manufactures intelligent fitness products to revolutionize the way you train at home. Speediance’s cutting-edge technology provides you with an array of science-backed content designed to help you achieve your personal training goals efficiently, while also having fun.

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Take It to the Next Level With the Speediance App

Take It to the Next Level With the Speediance App

Explore hundreds of movements and workouts, set fitness goals, schedule classes, and track your training metrics all in one place. With seamless Apple Watch sync and heart rate monitoring, you can stay connected to your fitness journey wherever you go.