Speediance guarantees that if you use, operate, and maintain your Speediance product in accordance with the instructions provided, it will be free from material and workmanship defects during the warranty period. If there are any quality issues caused by material or workmanship defects during the warranty period, Speediance promises to provide free repairs. If the product is beyond the warranty period or is determined by Speediance to have been damaged due to user error, you may opt for paid repairs. All warranty and repair services will adhere to Speediance's after-sales warranty policy, which complies with quality standards and craftsmanship procedures. Speediance's limited warranty policy applies exclusively to Speediance products purchased from Speediance's official channels or authorized dealers. The after-sales warranty services provided by Speediance are limited and not unlimited liability. It is important for you to carefully read this warranty policy to understand the terms, conditions, situations, cost sharing, risks, and other details regarding Speediance repair services.


Warranty Period

The effective warranty period starts from the date the user receives the product and ends at 24:00 on the day before the product exceeds the warranty period. If the user cannot provide the specific receipt date, the warranty period will be determined based on the effective invoice issuance date or order purchase date provided by the user. If the user cannot provide a valid purchase invoice or other valid purchase proof along with order information, the warranty period starts 30 days after the product's factory delivery date. Components replaced during the warranty period are owned by Speediance, while components replaced outside the warranty period are owned by the user.

Device Item Standard Warranty Period
Gym Monster The motor, screen, power supply, etc. 24 months
Gym Pal The motor, power supply, etc. 24 months
Accessories The rower, flat bench, adjustable bench, Bluetooth ring, barbell hooks, barbell pad, adjustable barbell, rowing bar, ankle straps, tricep rope, handles, skiing handles, smart handles, yoga mat, weightlifting belt, extender belt, accessory rack, ball connector, resistance cable set. 12 months

The responsible party for logistics costs:

Issue  Speediance Client
Non-quality issue return/exchange
Quality issue return/exchange
Repairs within the warranty period
Repairs outside the warranty period

Free repair service must meet the following conditions

  1. Purchased Speediance products from Speediance official channels or authorized distributors.
  2. Products that experience non-human-induced performance failures within the specified warranty period.
  3. Products purchased for personal or household use (for commercial purposes, a separate purchase agreement and warranty conditions need to be arranged with Speediance).
  4. No unauthorized disassembly, modification, or installation not guided by official instructions, and no other non-human-induced faults.
  5. Provide valid proof of purchase (e.g., order number, invoice or receipt) and product SN (serial number).

The warranty service scope does not cover the following

The Speediance warranty policy does not apply to any non-Speediance branded hardware products or any software (even if packaged or given away with Speediance hardware). Speediance is not responsible for any damage resulting from failure to follow the usage instructions for Speediance products or for any data loss or damage caused by the product. The warranty does not cover the following situations:


  1. Damage caused by non-manufacturing factors, including but not limited to operational errors.
  2. Damage caused by unauthorized modifications or disassembly not in accordance with official instructions.
  3. Damage resulting from improper installation, use, or removal, or from not following official instructions or manuals.
  4. Damage caused by unauthorized service providers.
  5. Damage resulting from unauthorized circuit modifications, mismatched or misused batteries, and chargers.
  6. Damage caused by training not conducted according to the user manual's recommendations.
  7. Damage resulting from exposing the product to extreme environments, such as high temperatures or corrosive environments.
  8. Damage from operating the product in environments with electromagnetic interference or other wireless device interference.
  9. Damage caused by operating the product beyond the initial strength specified in the manual.
  10. Damage caused by forced training due to aging or damaged parts.
  11. Damage resulting from reliability or compatibility issues with unauthorized third-party parts.
  12. Damage caused by operating the device with insufficient or defective batteries.
  13. Data loss or damage resulting from not operating the product in accordance with official instructions or manuals.
  14. Any software programs, whether provided with the product or subsequently installed.
  15. Direct or indirect damage caused by installing or removing the product, such as damage to other personal items, walls, or floors.
  16. Wear and tear, metal rust, and performance degradation from normal use of the product.
  17. Damage caused by force majeure events, such as fire, flood, earthquake, or power accidents.
  18. Damage resulting from using the product for commercial purposes, such as in gyms, hotels, multi-residential facilities, or personal training studios.
  19. Any third-party product failures or damages, including those integrated into Speediance products at your request.
  20. Damage caused by non-Speediance technical or other support, such as help with "how-to" questions or inaccurate product setup and installation.
  21. Products or parts with altered or removed identification labels.
  22. Cosmetic damage not caused by manufacturing or shipping factors, including but not limited to scratches, dents, and plastic discoloration.
  23. Damage resulting from intentional damage to the product or unauthorized modifications, including tampering with product operation data.

How to Obtain Warranty Service

If the product fails to operate according to the warranty terms within the warranty period, you must contact Speediance at after-sales@speediance.com within 30 days of discovering the fault to seek after-sales service. To obtain warranty service, you must provide valid proof of purchase (such as order number, invoice, or receipt) and the product's SN number. Services not covered by Speediance's limited warranty policy may incur charges.

Speediance Solutions


  1. Please clearly describe the issues with your product when contacting Speediance after-sales service.
  2. Initial Troubleshooting: Speediance will attempt to identify and resolve your issue via phone, email, online chat, or remote assistance. In some cases, Speediance may recommend downloading and installing specific software updates. If these measures do not resolve the issue, you may be asked to send the product to Speediance for further evaluation. Speediance will inspect the returned product, and if it is found to have a performance failure caused by non-human factors within the warranty period, Speediance will cover the costs of replacement, repair, and round-trip logistics. If the product does not meet the conditions for free warranty after inspection, we will charge a corresponding inspection fee, replacement part fee, shipping fee, labor fee, and tax based on the specific inspection results. You can choose to have a paid repair or have the original product sent back. The transportation and postage fees for returning the original product will be borne by you.
  3. On-site Repair Services: Within the warranty period (non-human issues), Speediance provides free repair parts. If you need on-site repair, you can contact Speediance or an officially authorized dealer to request this service. However, labor fees, accommodation fees (if the distance between you and the repair center or sales outlet exceeds 150 kilometers one-way), transportation fees, and additional stairway moving fees will be your responsibility.
  4. Repair and Replacement Options: Depending on the specific damage, Speediance may offer repair services that include fixing defective parts or replacing them with refurbished items of the same type. These refurbished items have been tested to ensure their functionality and appearance are equivalent to new items. Any replaced parts may carry different serial numbers. The replaced products or parts will have the same warranty coverage as the original product for the remaining warranty period.
  5. Service Availability and Local Variations: Speediance may not provide after-sales service in certain areas, and the content of the after-sales service policy may vary by location. For services outside the standard range, Speediance will charge additional fees. For local information, please contact Speediance after-sales service.

General Statements


  1. Non-Transferable Warranty: Speediance limited warranty policy is valid only for the original purchaser. If you sell the product, the limited warranty will not transfer to the new user. For products purchased as gifts, the limited warranty applies to the owner of the original application account associated with the product. Replacement products do not come with a new warranty but inherit the remaining warranty period of the original product and enjoy the same warranty service.
  2. Product Diagnosis: Speediance will diagnose returned products. If the defective product falls under the limited warranty policy, Speediance will cover the costs of replacement, repair, and round-trip logistics.
  3. Out-of-Warranty Repairs: If Speediance determines that the fault or defect is not covered by the warranty policy, you may choose to have a paid repair service, for which Speediance will provide a repair quote. Speediance will not begin repairs without your consent. If you do not agree to the repair quote, Speediance will return your product, and you may need to cover the logistics costs.
  4. Normal Wear and Tear: With increased training usage, the resistance cable and pulleys may experience wear and tear from long-term friction. This is considered normal wear and tear, not a material or workmanship defect. For your training experience and safety, you need to regularly check the appearance of the resistance cable. If you observe abnormal conditions such as thinning, cracks, broken strands, or fraying, stop training immediately and contact Speediance to replace the cable. Note that checking and replacing the cable is part of routine maintenance. Within the warranty period (non-human issues), Speediance provides free replacement materials. You need to replace the cable yourself. If you require on-site repair, you can contact Speediance or an authorized dealer for service, but you will need to pay for labor, transportation, and accommodation costs (if the distance from your location to the repair center or sales outlet exceeds 150 kilometers one-way). Regardless of whether you replace the cable yourself or entrust a third party, you must fully understand the equipment's structure and consider its complexity to avoid physical damage and safety hazards due to improper operation, and you will be responsible for its risks and costs.
  5. No Global Warranty: Speediance does not offer a global warranty; customers can only receive warranty services at designated repair centers. However, customers can pay extra to obtain cross-regional repair services.
  6. Cross-Region Repairs: If a customer from Region A wants to send the product to a designated repair center in Region B, they must obtain Speediance consent and bear the costs of customs duties and clearance fees.
  7. Proper Packaging: If you need to return the product to Speediance for repair, contact Speediance to understand the correct packaging method. Package the product according to Speediance standard packaging guidelines or use the original packaging. During shipping, perform a safety check on the product to ensure the packaging is intact and attach any special labels or instructions provided by Speediance. Any damage due to improper packaging is the customer’s responsibility. If you do not have the original packaging, you will bear any additional costs incurred from using other packaging.
  8. Data Backup: If the product retains user-generated data, this data may be lost during repair. Therefore, please back up your data before sending the product for repair. Customers will bear the responsibility for any data loss resulting from failure to back up data before repair.
  9. Remove Custom Decorations: Before sending for repair, remove any custom decorations and items from the product (including but not limited to decorative stickers, paintings, etc.). Speediance is not responsible for the damage or loss of these custom decorations and items.
  10. Unrepairable Products: For products that meet the warranty policy, if Speediance diagnoses that the product cannot be repaired, or if you choose not to proceed with the repair after learning about the repair situation, Speediance will return the original product to the shipping address you provide.
  11. Shipping After Repairs: After the repair is completed, Speediance will ship the product to the address provided by the customer. If the provided shipping information is incomplete, Speediance will attempt to contact the customer to obtain the complete address or necessary information to complete the delivery.
  12. Incorrect or Incomplete Addresses: If the provided shipping address is incorrect, incomplete, or if there is a refusal to accept delivery, the resulting losses, including re-shipping or return transportation fees, handling fees, storage fees, etc., will be borne by the customer.
  13. Prompt Receipt of Returned Products: Please promptly sign for the returned product. If Speediance cannot contact the customer through the registered contact information for an extended period, or if delivery is unsuccessful or refused and the product is returned to Speediance, or if there are unpaid after-sales service charges, Speediance will store the product for 90 days. From the end of the storage period, Speediance will charge a storage fee of $30 per day. When the storage fee equals the remaining value of the product or after 90 days, Speediance will dispose of the product according to applicable laws, possibly selling it at auction to cover unpaid services. Speediance reserves the statutory and other legal rights to the unpaid fees, including a daily storage fee of up to $30.
  14. Inspect Upon Receipt: Upon receipt, inspect the product for any defects. If there are defects, contact Speediance after-sales service within 24 hours of receipt; otherwise, the product will be considered intact and functional. Late reports will not be accepted. If you have any questions about the after-sales service policy, please contact Speediance after-sales.
  15. Termination of Warranty: Speediance reserves the right to terminate the warranty service if you use the product in violation of official instructions or the product user manual, or if you use the product for illegal purposes.

Limitation of Liability

If the product is within Speediance warranty coverage, Speediance is only responsible for any loss or damage to the product while it is in their possession or during transportation (if they are responsible for transportation). Speediance is not responsible for any loss or leakage of data stored in the product, including confidential, proprietary, or personal information. Speediance, its affiliates, suppliers, dealers, or service providers are not liable for any damages arising from data corruption, loss, damage, or leakage, or for any special, incidental, punitive, indirect, or consequential damages (including but not limited to loss of profits, business revenue, goodwill, or anticipated savings). Speediance total liability shall not exceed the amount paid for the product and does not apply to personal injury (including death), damage to real property, or tangible personal property.

Warranty Limitations

Speediance does not provide any form of warranty, except as explicitly stated in this limited warranty. This includes any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, or non-infringement, and any warranties arising from trade, usage, or course of dealing. Some jurisdictions may prohibit disclaimers, and you may have other rights that vary by jurisdiction.

Safety and Privacy

By obtaining service under this policy, you authorize Speediance to store, use, and process your product usage information and your contact information, including your name, phone number, address, email address, product usage data, training logs, etc. You agree and understand that Speediance needs to collect, process, and use your data to provide product warranty, product improvements, and customer service under this policy. We may contact you to inquire about your satisfaction with our services or to inform you of any product recalls or safety issues. When you decide to apply for after-sales service, Speediance may request your authorization to access, use, and process the training data stored in your product. If you refuse to do so, Speediance may not be able to provide certain after-sales services. To achieve these goals, you authorize Speediance to transfer your information to any country/region where we conduct business and to entities acting on our behalf. Speediance may disclose your information as required by laws, regulations, or relevant policies. For more information, see Speediance privacy policy on the company's official website.