Gym Monster Extended Care.

Plan: Extended 1-Year Warranty
🕑 Eligible for Machines Purchased Within the Last Two Years

Devices beyond the two-year warranty period are not eligible. Check your warranty expiration date to ensure it meets the requirements, as extended care cannot be activated otherwise.

🆔Order Number Required

After purchasing, enter your order number on the machine to activate the extended care. Be sure to save your order number information.

⏳Effective Seven Days After Purchase

Speediance Extended Care becomes active and can be bound to the device seven days after purchase. If you encounter binding issues after seven days, please contact Speediance After-Sales.

🔒 Limited to One Extended Care Per Device

Each device can only be bound to one extended care service. Do not make repeated purchases.

❌No Cancellations or Refunds

Once the device is activated and bound successfully, cancellations and refunds are not allowed. Please proceed carefully.

🗽Currently Available Only Within the United States

Devices outside the U.S. are not eligible for Speediance Extended Care purchase.

Plan: Extended 1-Year Warranty


How to check your warranty expiration date?

Log in to your account on the Gym Monster go to Home → Profile → System Setting → Speediance Extended Care, and you can view the warranty expiration date of the device.

How to activate Speediance Extended Care on the device?

Log in to your account on the device, go to Home → Profile → System Setting → Speediance Extended Care, and enter the order number to bind and activate the Extended Care service for the device.