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12-Minute Ab Workouts for Busy People: Quick Core Strengthening Routines

12-Minute Ab Workouts for Busy People: Quick Core Strengthening Routines

Most people believe that sculpting the abs requires long, strenuous workouts. And a busy person who finds it hard to make time for a comprehensive workout routine often skips ab workouts because of time limitations.

What if I tell you all you need is a 12-minute workout a day to tone your abs?  No matter how busy you are, you can always find time to get in a quick ab workout.

On this blog, you’ll find abs workouts that you can do within a 12-minute timeframe. These workouts fit seamlessly into even the busiest of schedules. These workouts are not only designed to minimize your time but also to get the most effective core training session possible.

Importance of Ab Workouts

Having a well-defined six-pack is not just about looking sexier. The abs ‌muscles play a vital role in core stability and strength, improving overall athletic performance and daily movement. When you do the core exercise, you’re not only targeting your abdominals but also your back and pelvic muscles.

The core is the connection between your upper and lower body and nearly every motion or movement you make passes through it. Whether you’re bending, turning back, or even sitting at your desk, your core muscles play a major role.

Strengthen your Core

Having a strong core stabilizes your entire body, allowing you to perform all types of movements with greater efficiency and safety. This is important, especially for people who are involved in sports and people who are of middle age and above, as it helps reduce the risk of falls and other injuries.

Improve Posture

When you have a strong core, your body can lift heavy objects, and climb stairs more easily, reducing the risk of having back pain and spinal alignment problems. It also helps you maintain your proper posture and relieve loads off your lower back.

The 12-Minute Ab Workout Routine-Build Your Core - Abs Crusher

EST Burn:70Kcal

Professional Coach:Levi

Exercise 1 - Bodyweight Elbow Crunch

1.Lie on your back.

2.Cross yur arms in front of your chest.


1.Tuck in your chin to relieve the stress on your neck.

2.Engage your abs to lift the chest up and shoudler off the floor.

  • Key Steps:

1.Setup with a straight body,forearms on floor and elbows placed under shoulders,feet hip width apart.

2.Core to stay engaged and shoulders pushed slightly forward.

3.Think pulling feet towards hands.

  • Breath:

Exhale as you curl forward and inhale as you lower your torso back down.

  • Body Feeling:

Initiate the motion by engaging and contracting your abdomens throughout.

  • Common Mistakes:

Keep abdomens contracted throughout.

Exercise 2 - Flutter Kicks

1.Lie on the footboard, sit on your hands, keep your core nice and tight.

2.Hang your leg in the air and lift alternately.

  • Key Steps:

1.Lying on floor, engage core and hold legs straight and a few cm off the floor.

2.Using arms to support if need, start alternating kicks with legs.

3.Be sure to not let back lose its neutral position.

  • Breath:

Keep a smooth breath and don't hold your breath.

  • Body Feeling:

Alternating kicks with legs by engaging your core.

  • Common Mistakes:

Be sure to not let back lose its neutral position.

Exercise 3 - Quadruped Kickback


1.Start in a table top position. (hands and knees)

2.Brace core and lift knees a little off the floor.


  1. Slowly lift one leg and extend behind you until straight.
  • Key Steps:

1.Start in a table top position (hands and knees).

2.Brace core and lift knees a little off the floor.

3.Slowly lift one leg and extend behind you until straight.

4.Return leg to floor and repeat on opposite side.

5.Be sure to keep body as stationary as possible.

  • Breath:

Exhale as you kick your foot back and inhale as you come back.

  • Body Feeling:

Balance your stability and squeeze your glute to lift one leg up behind you.

  • Common Mistakes:

Kick back with alternating feet.

Exercise 4 - Bridge with Leg Extension


1.Assume a standard glutes bridge, engage your glutes.

2.Extend your leg out in turn, keep your core nice and tight.

  • Key Steps:

1.Lying on floor, engage core and then push hips up to hold position.

2.You should have a straight line from shoulder, through hips to knees.

3.Then from this braced position, lift one leg and straighten.

4.Goal is to not let core lose it's stable position.

  • Breath:

Exhale as you lift your butt off the floor and inhale as you return to the starting position.

  • Body Feeling:

Recruit your glutes and abdominal muscles.

  • Common Mistakes:

Flex your glutes throughout the movement.

Exercise 5 - Plank


1.Make sure your head, glutes and heels are in a line.

2.Don't sag your hips.

3.Apart your feet to stabilize your balance.

  • Key Steps:

1.Setup with a straight body, hands placed under shoulders, feet hip width apart.

2.Core to stay engaged and shoulders pushed slightly forward.

3.Think pulling feet towards hands.

  • Breath:

Keep your breath smooth.

  • Body Feeling:

Contract your abdomens throughout.

  • Common Mistakes:

Don't arch your back or sag your hips.

Exercise 6 - Abdominal Muscles Stretch


1.Drop your shoulders.

2.Lengthen your spine

  • Key Steps:

Abdominal Muscles Stretch.

  • Breath:

Keep your breath smooth throughout.

  • Body Feeling:

Hold for twenty to thirty seconds to fully stretch your abdomens.

  • Common Mistakes:

If you feel pressure or discomfort in your lower back, come back a little bit.

How to Maximize Your Workout Results

To get the most out of your 12-minute abs workout routine, make sure to use a timer. Using a timer helps you keep on track and ensures you spend the right amount of time on each exercise.

How to Use the Timer?

  • Allot a Dedicated Time for Each Workout- Typically 30 to 45 seconds per exercise and a 15-second rest in between is recommended. You can find detailed workout plans in our Speediance Gym Monster app here.
  • Use a Stopwatch- You can use a stopwatch app on your smartphone or use free apps available on the app store.
  • Incorporate Proper Breathing Techniques – Proper breathing is important in all types of exercises. The simple rule to follow is to exhale as you exert and inhale as you relax.  For example, you can exhale when you crunch your abs during a crunch and inhale while you’re in a relaxed state.
  • Warm-Up and Cool Down- No matter what type of workout you do, you should always start with a quick warm-up exercise. For a 12-minute abs workout, you can do 2 minutes of jumping jacks or a body stretch.

12 Minutes Is All You Need

Remember, whether it is a 12-minute or a 1-hour workout, consistency is the key. Try to stick to the same time ‌each day for your workout. For example, if you’re doing 12 minutes of workout 3 times a week, stick to it and keep pushing yourself.

Sometimes you might miss a workout. Don’t be discouraged! Leave behind what is gone, get on the schedule again, and double it if you can. Use a journal or an app to track your workout and progress so that you don’t miss out on your workout schedule ever again.

If you’re a busy person, these 12-minute ab workouts are specially designed for you. If you’re looking for other shorter interval workout routines, make sure to check out our website and our Gym Monster app.

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