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Speediance Home Gym - Your All-In-One Fitness Solution

Speediance Home Gym - Your All-In-One Fitness Solution

If you want to incorporate all of the benefits of the gym at home while ditching all its downsides—gym membership fees, commuting time, long queues for equipment, and poor machine hygiene, Speediance is your premier choice. This home gym equipment takes up very little space in your space while achieving full-body workouts you could do at the gym.

Most importantly, you'll have your gym and never have to put up with sweaty and sticky machines again. Here are 13 traditional pieces of equipment that Speediance all-in-one smart home gym can replace:


Free Weight

Speediance dual direct-drive motors offer up to 200 pounds of digital weight, which is stable, smooth, and adjustable. Because of the digital resistance sense, that is supposed to feel heavier than traditional weights. It will be enough resistance to create a full-strength training routine at home.

Resistance training progress features incrementally; that’s why the free weight rack is popular in the gym, no matter whether you want to change movement or lift heavier. But the weight you need or think you need is not always accurate and exact. Also, the cumbersome weight stacks take up a bunch of space. Speediance home gym allows weight adjustment as precise as 0.5 pounds, making every rep accurate and effective while taking up just a tiny room in your home.


The Pec Deck

The pec deck, also known as the chest fly machine, is good for developing pecs but is limited in its versatility due to its fixed range of motion. Speediance, on the other hand, has adjustable pulley systems that allow you to change the cable level point from high to low so you can better load the incline and decline chest fly, training the chest muscles in full angles and getting a 3D chest.  

Featured Move: Incline Cable Chest Fly

Speediance free weights provide a holistic aspect of training, not only training one specific body part but without neglecting smaller muscles simultaneously. 

How to do:

  1. Anchor the pulley at the top level with two handles attached.
  2. Assume a staggered-stance position.
  3. Exhale, pull the handles forward until they meet together.
  4. Squeeze hard on your chest and hold a count of two at the top.
  5. Inhale, slowly open your arms and feel the stretch on your chest.


Overhead Press Machine

The overhead press is a total-body movement which is one of the best movements to develop your upper body strength and power using your chest and triceps. Overhead press machines do more of an isolation type movement on the individual muscle, while free weights Speediance offer work your stabilizing muscles too. 

Featured Move: Overhead Press

Speediance home gym equipment can help you do the strength assessment on your different muscle parts and give a suggested weight for your warm-up, weight-lifting, and further challenge, so you don’t have to compromise the training weight or be afraid you will make a big jump. 

How to do:

  1. Lock the pulley at the platform with the barbell attached.
  2. Foot stance and grip width should be shoulder-width apart.
  3. Keep your chest up, put the barbell on your chest.
  4. Squeeze your glutes and keep your back straight.
  5. Exhale, press the barbell overhead until your elbows are straight.
  6. Inhale, put the bar down and touch your upper chest.


Bench Press

Lifting heavy on the bench is potentially dangerous, getting stuck or letting it roll down on your neck or belly, struggle you or mash your soft organs. So it's highly recommended to work with a spotter. But if you work out at home on heavy-duty, Speediance Spotter Mode will decrease the load automatically when you are struggling, just like a spotter would.

Featured Move: Bench Press

If you want to break your training plateaus and improve your bench press, add the press-specific Stronglifts 5×5 workout to your routine. It adopts a 5×5 training method, curating 5 compound movements, five sets for five times, to help you grow your strength and lift more weights.

How to do:

  1. Lock the pulley at the platform with the barbell attached.
  2. Grab the bar with a wider-than-shoulder-width grip.
  3. Making sure your forearms are in the vertical line and your wrists upright.
  4. Place your hips firmly on the bench, with a slightly natural lower back arch. Keep your feet flat on the ground
  5. Make sure your shoulder is downward locked and your shoulder blades squeeze together.
  6. Exhale, press the barbell upward, and inhale lower the bar around your chest.


Seated Row Machine

The seated cable row is a classic move to isolate most parts of your back and focus on growing your back muscles. It activates multiple muscle groups throughout the body, including the lats and obliques in your middle back, the shoulder deltoid, and the arms' biceps and forearm muscles. It contributes to the core and lower body muscle stability.

Featured Move: Seated Cable Row

Because it activates more muscle groups and recruits more muscle fibers, you can try heavier weights to further prompt muscle strength and size. You don’t need to get up to add or reduce the weight when using Speediance; click the bottom of the screen and choose the weight you want and you’re free to go.

How to do:

  1. Anchor the pulleys to the lower position with two handles attached. 
  2. Sit on the bench, maintain a neutral spine, shoulders down, chest out, and shoulder blades pinched throughout the exercise.
  3. Have a slight bend in your knees.
  4. Exhale, pull the handle toward your torso, squeeze hard on your back muscles, and keep your core nice and tight.
  5. Then inhale, slowly coming forward at a 90-degree angle.


Cable Machine

The versatility and constant weight of cable machines allow you to add a wide variation to your training routines, work your muscles from different angles, and build strong muscles. “The thing cable machine can’t achieve, but speediance can is the dynamic weight modes,”  says Frankie, our coach, “the motor can manipulate the resistance whether you want it to be high or low the exact moment you are pressing or squatting.”

Featured Move: Horizontal WoodChop

“When you are doing the weight training, Speediance’s Chain Mode, which can add extra load in the concentric contraction, can help you get more bang for your buck.” Frankie added, “Overload resistance asks you to push as hard as you can throughout the lifting, helping you break your limit and strength target muscles.” 

How to do:

  1. Anchor the pulley to the chest level with one handle attached.
  2. Keep a nice wide stance, knees slightly bent, grabbing the handle with both hands.
  3. Brace your core, exhale, and rotate your body so the handle comes to cross your body 180 degrees at shoulder height.
  4. Keep your hips square and feet firmly planted on the floor.
  5. Inhale, slowly come to the starting position.


Lat Pulldown

Lat pulldown is undeniably a good machine for strengthening your lats muscle and lengthening your spine, which brings good postures and spinal stability. But it may be cumbersome and space-taking for at-home training.

Featured Move: Lat Pulldown

Speediance uses minimal storage and can track your training weight, heart rate, and metric in your every workout so you can have clear insights into your training data and progress.

How to do:

  1. Anchor the pulleys to the highest level with two handles attached.
  2. Grab the handles with each hand.
  3. Keep your back nice and straight, chest out, exhale, pull the weight down under your chin, and try not to flare your elbows.
  4. Don’t lean your upper body back too much.
  5. Inhale, and return to the starting position in a smooth, controlled manner.


Smith Machine

The smith machine makes it secure for beginners to bench press, deadlift, and squat without a spotter thanks to a fixed rail and safety hooks. However, its up-and-down range of motion suppresses the use of synergists and stabilizers, so you lose the opportunity to strengthen your balance and stability. 

Featured Move: Split Barbell Squat

Speediance, on the other hand, offers free weights which demand more muscular core strength and deep muscle stability. With the 220 lbs of digital resistance, there is no need to attach any weight plates on Speediance; press a button to turn the load up or down.

How to do:

  1. Lock the anchor to the platform end with the barbell attached.
  2. Split your stance, put the barbell under your back, resting on your shoulder.
  3. Keep your back upright, chest out, and glute engaged.
  4. Inhale, drop your hip, and align your knee and your foot.
  5. Keep back knee hovering over the floor and both knees 90-degree bent.
  6. Exhale, and drive the front foot through the floor to push up yourself. Feel the tension on your legs and glutes.
  7. Core nice and tight to maintain the body balance.


Squat Rack

Squats target various muscle groups, including quads, core, back, calves, and glutes. It’s a highly efficient movement that works for multiple muscle groups. But it doesn’t provide a safety mechanism for descending the barbell during a failed squat, which may easily cause injury and floor damage. 

Featured Move: Barbell Back Squat

Except for the Spotter Mode, Speediance also gets the smart Bluetooth controller, which you can install on the barbell; when you struggle to finish the rep, press the button on the controller next to your thumb, and the load is off. Make sure you have maximal safety during every training.

How to do:

  1. Lock the anchor to the platform end with the barbell attached.
  2. Stand tall; put the barbell under your back, resting on your shoulder.
  3. Keep your back upright, chest out, and glute engaged.
  4. Inhale, squat, and hinge your hips until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  5. Align your knees and feet, keep your feet slightly outward and try to avoid a cave in your knees.
  6. Exhale, and drive your feet through the floor to stand up. Feel the tension on your legs and glutes.


Deadlift Machine

"If you're a novice, stick with the deadlift machine as they are the most effective with a fixed range of motion. When you get to an advanced stage of training, it might come in handy as a way to add barbells and free weights to your deadlift training," said Frankie, " Free weights are more beneficial to muscle growth and core strength, and stability. "

Featured Move: Romanian Deadlift

Speediance Eccentric Mode can help add the load during the eccentric period when your muscles are during the lengthening and extending phase. By doing this, you are less to get injured and more likely to gain muscle growth.

How to do:

  1. Lock the pulleys to the platform end with the barbell attached.
  2. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.
  3. Grab the bar at hip height with an overhand grip, slightly outside the hips.
  4. Keep your chest up, back upright, shoulders down, and core nice and tight.
  5. Inhale, hinge your hips, gliding the bar along your legs to get a nice full stretch of the hamstring.
  6. Remember to keep your lower back upright as you lower the bar.
  7. Squeeze hard on your glutes and hamstrings at the top.
  8. Exhale, push your hips forward with knees slightly bent to the starting position.


Chest Press Machine 

Chest press isolates the pecs to a greater extent which is ideal for beginners looking to bulk up their chest. But Speediance, as free weight, can target the chest and the whole body muscle; it has a well-organized workout library that is friendly for beginners, intermediate, and advanced trainers.

Featured Move: Incline Chest Press

Speediance also gets a chest-focused workout—Superset Chest Day. It adapts superset resistance-training methods, performing a set of two different exercises back-to-back to target the same piece of muscle with minimal rest in between. It aims to fully exhaust your target muscle, accelerate muscle flushing, and pump up your chest strength and size.

How to do:

  1. Anchor the pulleys to the middle position with two handles attached.
  2. Split your stance to keep maximum stability, keep your core and glutes tight.
  3. Exhale, press upward at a 45-degree angle, hands meeting above the eye level.
  4. Make sure not to lock the elbows when you press it out.
  5. Inhale and slowly return to the starting position.



The rowing machine targets 85% of your body muscles and is beneficial to building strength, boosting endurance, and improving your posture. But traditional air resistance rowing and water rowing machine are loud and make much noise which may bother you and your family.

Featured Move: Cardio Rowing

Speediance direct-drive dual motors, which produce stable and quiet digital resistance, you can row whenever you want, wherever you want. It also provides a cardio rowing workout: Resistance Level Shifts Up—the resistance will automatically shift up one notch every 180 seconds to pump up your heart rate and achieve better weight loss, just like there is a personal trainer.



Skiing benefits people in different ways, helping improve cardiovascular health, fitness, endurance, core strength, coordination, balance, and so on. But lacking versatility makes it can only serve as a single-purpose exercise.

Featured Move: Cardio Skiing

With an all-in-one design, you can hit cardio and strength in one single Speediance, which offers not only superior versatility but also covers full-body workout. The foldable platform and a set of wheels on the base make storage a breeze and achieve space efficiency.


Why speediance be your premier choice for all-in-one smart gyms?

With a compact structure and two adjustable pulleys, Speediance is an all-in-one smart fitness feature with high versatility to replace all the machines and equipment mentioned above. Aside from the hardware, Speediance is also a functional trainer, which helps assess your muscle strength, give your suggested weight, be your spotter, tracks all your stats, and adjust the digital weight according to your goal in real time. Speediance is your best home gym partner, witnessing every modest progress and breakthrough you make.


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