More Than Your Personal Trainer

Step 1: Get Prepared. New User Orientation
Push your limits and breakthrough to advance

Strength Assessment

Gym Monster can quickly assess your full-body strength and provide personalized weight recommendations by our AI coach.

Set your goal and unlock a fresh you

Lose Weight,Gain Muscle,or Get Fit

Gym Monster provides you with a structured and scientific workout regimen to help you unveil a brand-new you.

Sculpt every muscle from head to toe

Versatile Workouts Are Waiting For You

Strength Training, HIIT, Cardio, Sports, and Rowing etc.

Step 2: Pre-Training. Select Your Training Mode Based Your Training Needs
Maximize efficiency with professional coaching

370+ Workouts

Expertly crafted by professional coaches, offering over 10 types of courses to meet diverse training needs. Whether you aim to sculpt your entire body or focus on specific muscle groups.

Free_Lifting-gym monster
Free_Lifting-gym monster
Free Your Lift, Free Your Spirit

Free Lifting

Experience four dynamic resistance modes: Standard, Chain, Eccentric, and Fixed Speed. Train with a partner or go solo, it's totally up to you.

Craft your ideal workout template

Customize Your Workout

Select movements from our library and create a workout/program tailored to your needs.

Step up to the challenge, exceed your limits

60+ Programs

Choose a program that fits your need and challenges you just right. Speediance inspires and empowers you to reach your peak.

Step 3: In-Training. Suggestions provided by real time training data during your training, just like a personal trainer for you!
Real-time updates of your 1RM (1Rep Max)

Assess as You Train

Gym Monster offers instant 1RM testing and updates during your workout, with smart weight adjustments. Records and boosts your performance gains.

Monitor your movements for your excellence

Immediate Feedback & Correction

Instantly correct deficiencies in force control, stable amplitude, and bilateral balance during workout to enhance precision in your movements.

Sync data on various devices

Multi-Device Synchorinization

Pair your Apple Watch and other devices for real-time tracking of calorie burn and heart rate during workout.

Step 4: After-Training. Various Advanced Data To Give Insights to Your Training Progress
Check your stats before and after workouts

Multi-Dimensional Workout Results

Receive feedback after every workout, whether it's free lifting, specific movements, structured workouts, or your customized workouts.

Compare last seven-day data with overall workout stats

Cumulative Workout Results

Capture multi-dimensional data from workout records, intensity levels, muscle group readiness, and more to fuel your journey with precision and satisfaction.