Fitness Startup Speediance Receives Pre-A Funding to Accelerate Growth and Revolutionize Smart Home

An Intelligent fitness startup based in Shenzhen- the Silicon Valley of China is warming up for its next stage of growth. “Speediance” announced a multi-million-dollar Pre-A round funding led by venture capital firm FREES FUND. According to “Speediance,” the new funds will be used for mass production, product line expansion and talent recruitment.

The idea of “normal” in the fitness world is all about going to the gym and working out using all sorts of different equipment, unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced a pause to that idea. Much of the world has become unable to access their gyms like they normally would. However, many have stepped up to make up for what was lacking in the fitness world. According to the VP of NPD group, Matt Powell: “As soon as the lockdowns took effect, the home-fitness business took off like wildfire.” Realizing that home gyms have already become a major trend and carrying a passion to help people work out from home in a more scientific and efficient way. “Speediance” introduced “Gym Monster.”